Natural wines card of the tendeta

In addition to the annual selection of six natural wines from the Alicante region, a shop located in Pego (Vall de Gallinera) offers other white, red and orange wines. All the vineyards have been selected according to strict criteria, without concessions: vines in agroecology or biodynamic farming, if possible with ecological certification, harvesting by hand, maturing the wines without any chemical additives or sulphites.

Although quantities are limited, we also ensure distribution to restaurants and bars in the comarques around Marina Alta. Please contact Jérôme Chesnot for any special request. The wine list is available in PDF format.

Tendeta: small shop in valencian language

Terricola 2018


Celler Vicent Tomas – Carricola

Red wine Merlot
10 eur

Ibis Magnum 2019

Ibis Magnum

Cup de la Muntanya – Planes

Red wine Cabernet Franc
10 eur

Albakar 2021


Cup de la Muntanya – Planes

Dry white wine Viognier
10 eur

Marofe 2021


Finca de Mont Roig – Pedreguer

Dry white wine Chardonnay
10 eur

TrapaDell 2017


Celler l'Alter de Benimaquia - Teulada

Dry white wine Trapadell
16 eur

Xalera 2021


Celler Les Foes - Les Coves de Vinromà

Dry white wine Macabeu
16 eur

Llunavins Orange 2020

Llunavins Orange

Bodega La Encina – La Encina

Dry white wine (orange) Forcallat
16 eur

Pinomar 2020


Sopla Levante - La Mata (Torrevieja)

Dry white wine orange Merseguera and Muscat of Alexandria
16 eur

Muda 2021


Verónica Romero - Los Duques

Dry white wine orange Tardana
16 eur

La Rambla del Peligrés 2019

La Rambla del Peligrés

Finca Casa Balaguer - Villena

Red wine Grenache
16 eur

Ca Rosario 2019

Ca Rosario

Cos a Cos - Ontinyent

Red wine Monestrell
16 eur

4callat 2020


Cos a Cos - Ontinyent

Red wine Forcallat
16 eur

#Dissident 2019


Joan de la Casa - Benissa

Red wine Giró, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
16 eur

Vinya dels Morts 2019

La Vinya dels Morts

Vinyologia Canor - Benissa

Red wine Giró (Grenache)
16 eur

Endemic Segundo 2018

Endemic Segundo

Ferrer-Gallego - Jaraguas

Red wine Bobal, Cencibel and Tardana
16 eur

nu 2018


Bodega La Zafra - Monòver

Red wine Monestrell
20 eur

nu rosé 2020

nu rosé

Bodega La Zafra - Monòver

Rosé wine Monestrell
20 eur

Pigar Ancestral white 2020

Pigar Ancestral white

Bodegas Pigar - Campo Arcis

Sparkling wine Chardonnay
20 eur

Pigar Ancestral red 2021

Pigar Ancestral red

Bodegas Pigar - Campo Arcis

Sparkling wine Royal
20 eur

L'Oublié 2021


Mas Coutelou

Red wine Carinyena, Cinsault, Syrah (solera)
20 eur

Vermouth 2020

Vermut La Encina

Bodega La Encina – La Encina

Red and white Vermouth made from organic wines
16 eur

The sommelier's advice

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