Vicent Tomas
Celler Vicent Tomas

Vicent Tomas Soler

Carricola - Vall d'Albaida

Vicent is a key player in natural wine on this side of the Pyrenees, president of the PVN association, which brings together a good number of Spanish winegrowers, and he produces only wines without sulphites. His vineyard is located in Carricola and Bèlgida, halfway between Alicante and Valencia, the plots of land with clay-limestone soil are partly inherited from his father, the vines are between 20 years old for the youngest and 70 years old for the oldest, cultivated in agroecology with a biodynamic approach from the vine to the cellar. The grape varieties are numerous, Tortosí, Tardana, Macabeo and a little Sauvignon Blanc; for the reds Grenache and a little Giró, Ull de llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah (Shiraz) and Merlot (phew!).

Whites, reds, oranges, still and ancestrals wines, single varietals and blends, young wines as well as wines for ageing, carefully preserved in a large cellar with controlled temperature and humidity in a natural way. The annual production is more than reasonable with about 9000 bottles, natural and without added sulphites. The labels of Vicent's wines are reminiscent of Valencian popular culture and its defenders, Ovidi Montlor, Raimon or the group Al Tall. Vicent is proud of his terroir, perhaps more so than any other winemaker. If you come across him at a natural wine fair in France or Spain, you should spend some time at his stand, if you speak Spanish or French.

We reserve the sale of Vicent's wines for the Pego shop. Wines at 10 euros, of which we always have some references depending on the year and our taste preferences. To drink with friends or family without asking any questions other than the essentials.

Terricola 2018

Red wine Merlot 100%

Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.


Still whites

Al Tall blanc brisat of Tortosí
Terrícola blanc of Tortosí and Tardana
Tartana of tardana
Veles e Vents of Macabeo

Barrel-aged whites

Al Tall of Tortosí
Tartana of Tardana
Veles e Vents of Macabeo


De Festa of Tortosí
De Festa of Tardana
De Festa of Macabeo

Young red wines

Terrícola 2018 of Merlot
Terrícola 2019 d'Ull de Llebre and Syrah
Samarreta vermella of Cabernet Sauvignon
Giga of Giró and Grenache
Al Tall of Grenache

Barrel-aged reds

L'Ombria criança 11 d'Ull de llebre and Cabernet Sauvignon
L'Ombria reserva 12 d'Ull de llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and merlot.