The sommelier's advice

Selected red wines have all the necessary qualities to be stored for many years if you have a cellar at home, or a designated wardrobe in a storage room or garage. Wine does not like significant temperature variations. If you live in a flat, choose the coolest place in your apartment, a bedroom closet or a laundry room. Keep it in a polystyrene box: it’s more protection, though not ideal.

Our wines, both white and red, are excellent accompanied by something to eat: sausages or cheese, humus or olives for those who are vegetarian. They should be opened a moment before tasting and served in large, wide-rimmed glasses. To fully appreciate the wine, it should be consumed in a tranquil setting, evoking the ambience of the vineyard with insects stirring the air over the vines.

Like any recreational product, the wines are for sharing with a partner, friends or family. Many things add to the experience: the place, the weather, the lighting and the music. We are talking about an authentic experience and not just about luxury or prestige. Even in adverse circumstances, if the wine is good then the moment is enjoyable. The wine never disappoints.

As the ambassador who has taken time to prepare this selection, I wish you pleasant and memorable moments. Enjoy to the full, but in moderation!

Jérôme Chesnot