José María Bolufer
Celler de Benimaquia

José Maria Bolufer

Teulada - Marina Alta

For ten years now, José María Bolufer has been investing energy and funds in his land in Teulada growing traditional trees and vineyards with organic certification. Here, between the sea and the mountains, the over riding impression is that of white: the winery and the riurau matching the lime land and the Trapadell. If every good vineyard in the Marina has two or three strains of this ancestral white grape, José María is the last one to keep whole terraces.

Well, we have chosen a natural Trapadell 2018, kept in French oak barrels. These are the last bottles of this vintage available, a festival of incomparable flavours to excite the palate. You are looking at two thousand years of viticulture. Take your time to savour this tasty treasure.


White wine Trapadell 100%

Alcohol content: 12% Vol.


Parcel·la situada a Teulada (Marina Alta), en un tossal orientat cap a l’est, abancalat i de terra calça-argilosa. Les vinyes estan formades en doble cordó, parcel·la de secà, encara que cap la possibilitat d’una petita irrigació a l'estiu si fóra necessari (hi ha un aljub d'aigua de pluja que es fa servir si l'estiu és massa sec).

The harvest: these white grapes are usually collected fresh in the morning.

The winemaking: they are stripped, macerated for 12 hours, then kept (minus the scrapings) in cold storage. After removal from the barrel into the press for minimal pressing, the liquid is put into cold storage for 24 hours. It is decanted and begins to ferment in cold storage. When finished, it is decanted twice more to clean it, carefully respecting the original fine lees wine. It is aged on the lees for nine months. It was transferred and bottled in June 2018. Since then it has been kept in a cellar, allowing the evolution of the wine, changing the organoleptic characteristics.

The wine maker's notes: the general organoleptic characteristics of the Trapadell are those of a wine with a great acidity, with aromas of tropical fruits, pears, pineapple and a hint of citrus. Since they don’t carry any sulphites, these bottled wines are constantly developing and their characteristics are changing.

Recommended consumption temperature: between 6 and 9°C

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