Vive la consigne!

Pet Nat' bottles we are going to use again

Rising raw material and energy prices as a result of the war in Ukraine, glassworks closures, rising international demand for glass bottles - winegrowers are facing an unprecedented crisis.

However, alternatives do exist, recent ones such as the aluminium can, the Bag in Box (BiB), a packaging made up of a cardboard box and a pouch with a measuring tap, or older ones such as the returnable bottles, a French concept known as 'consigne' abandoned in the 1980s for industrial reasons. It's true that most glass packaging is recycled, but this is an energy-intensive solution that consumes a lot of water..

Here at Pego, we're practising the hummingbird policy: we're embracing change, with a wine list featuring (natural) wines from the region, local shops that promote shipping and, even before the glass crisis, we were already collecting ancestral bottles, which are twice as heavy as a normal bottle of wine. As you can see, this is not enough and we are already looking at other responsible actions with our winegrowers, but without a change in consumer attitudes, it will be difficult to get things moving. No, a glass bottle and a cork are not synonymous with quality wine.

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