Natural wine references

Raïm i au! guarantee mark

A guarantee mark for natural wines.

In order to be able to recognize "healthy" wines in the jungle of labels and certifications, the Vi Natural project initiated in the Alicante region has created a visual "Raïm i au!" (nothing but grapes) that guarantees our definition of natural wine: wine made without chemicals or industrial techniques during its wine making, from hand-harvested grapes grown utilizing organic methods. Simple, clear and efficient. In addition, a guarantee mark has been registered for winemakers who respect these obligations.

A recognizable visual that gives a graphic identity to the concept materialized by a 100% compostable sticker for wine bottles with the following double objective:

  • To offer visibility to the brand and the winegrowers who adhere to it; to inform consumers.
  • To offer an ecological and inexpensive alternative to the plastic capsules that are used to protect the corks.

A tshirt is already offered in the Larouch (Ondara) online shop, handmade locally from an ecological cotton from Alzira (Valencia), in order to remain consistent with our requirements and expectations.

This is the start of the Raïm i au! promotional campaign in the Alicante and Valencia regions, but already some winegrowers in Catalonia have expressed their desire to wear the brand's colors. And why not in the rest of Spain or in France? A way to promote our Valencian language, proud as we are.