Brutal !!! by Cos a Cos

In 2021, Romain Cole, journalist and photographer, published a book of interviews with natural winemakers from southern and northern Catalonia entitled "Es Brutal" (it's brutal), "Who acts with violence, who lacks delicacy" according to the French Larousse dictionary. But where does this term common to so many languages come from, used by the supporters of natural wines and found on social networks and even on wine labels?

We have to go back to 2007 or 2008 when Laureano Serres and Joan Ramón Escoda undertook an ecological journey in the Loire with Anthony Tortul and Rémi Pujol, four natural winemakers. On their return to the outskirts of Béziers, during a late night tasting with distributors and importers, one of the winemakers asked, "Don't you like my wines? You keep saying brutal!" in front of the somewhat dubious potential buyers. "Of course, they are brutal!", replies Joan Ramón in French. So the four winemakers decided to create the Brutal Wine Corporation, where each of them would make a wine called Brutal !!! Here are our four friends in the middle of the night in front of Anthony Tortul's computer, designing a label for wines with no other obligation than to be natural, without added sulphites. No brand registration, everyone is free to appropriate the name and the visual in total alignment with the philosophy of the free wines: grapes cultivated according to agroecological principles, harvested by hand and matured without chemical or mechanical intervention.