Bubble Dragon, the collaborative ancestral

Ancestral Bubble Dragon

What a great idea Roger Diaz (Les Foes) had with Bubble Dragon, his collaborative Pet' Nat'! But to understand this story, one must first know the ancestral method of sparkling wines still practiced in the region of Alicante and Valencia.

A bit of History with Wikipedia : "Records show that Livy traded in non-sparkling white wines from Limoux as far back as the Roman occupation of the region. Blanquette de Limoux is considered to be the first sparkling white wine produced in France, created long before the Champagne region became world-renowned for the sparkling wine Champagne. The first textual mention of "blanquette", from the Occitan expression for "the small white", appeared in 1531 in papers written by Benedictine monks at an abbey in Saint-Hilaire. "

So Ancestral because it is the original process of sparkling wine elaboration, which simply consists of bottling before the alcoholic fermentation is complete. You probably know that grape fermentation produces alcohol and C02.