Bubble Dragon, the collaborative ancestral

Ancestral Bubble Dragon

What a great idea Roger Diaz (Les Foes) had with Bubble Dragon, his collaborative Pet' Nat'! But to understand this story, one must first know the ancestral method of sparkling wines still practiced in the region of Alicante and Valencia.

Ancestral because it is the original process of sparkling wine elaboration, which simply consists of bottling before the alcoholic fermentation is complete. The truth is that the winemaker has little control over either the residual sugars or the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), so the wine is more or less sweet and sparkling. The bottles are stored upside down for a few months in order to accumulate the lees under the capsule and to transform the gas into bubbles. Then comes the disgorging operation, which consists of "popping" the cap and thus extracting the lees. The lost wine is made up for with another bottle and a new capsule is put in place, the wine is finally ready to be sold.